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1:1 Classroom

 (optional and recommended)

Would you like to learn something that can improve every image you make, now and in the future?

hawaii photography 1 on 1 training and workshop by ken and mary goodrich hawaii photo retreat

The most frequent lament that we hear from photographers is, “the picture doesn’t look anything like I envisioned it!”


Chances are good that the picture in your mind’s eye, just awaits development in the digital darkroom.


The masters of film photography knew that the picture was not “finished” the moment they released the shutter.  They often spent years refining their darkroom skills in order to produce prints that expressed their individual vision.


Powerful image optimization skills can be acquired quickly with digital processing.  In a two hour 1:1 session you can learn to analyze your images and dramatically improve them.


The cost of individual instruction is included in all tours.  We can help you with Lightroom, Photoshop and the Nik Filter Suite.

Photographers Special: 2 free hours of post-production instruction!BOOK NOW