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We believe that growth, creativity, and personal vision can flourish when nurtured by inspired instruction, in a focused and relaxed atmosphere.


We founded Hawaii Photo Retreat to provide world class photographic education in an environment of extraordinary natural beauty.


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Mahalo, Ken and Mary Goodrich

Mary Goodrich

There has always been a sort of magic about capturing time with a camera and seeing it in a print. As a child, I had a fascination with the photographs in our family albums, some dating back to the early 1900’s. I learned photography through trial and error, by observing artist friends and reading books and photo magazines. At one point I took a job in a film lab to further my understanding of the  craft.


My photographs have always been about seeing and being aware of feelings when I observe the forces of nature around me. I like noticing the impact that time, wind, lava and water have on the environment as well as on man-made objects. The natural arrangement of certain forms, lines, light and shadow delight my senses.


Once I am attracted to something, I work on finding the heart of the image. It is like a living thing that teases, or dares, me to uncover it. Previsualization and the initial capture count for a lot but the final look of a photograph comes later and may be different than what I originally thought it would be. The images I like best are probably the abstractions, catching the light at odd moments, and discovering some small wonder that no one else will see unless I photograph it.


Over the years I have worked in various media including, color transparencies, Polaroid transfers, traditional black and white silver prints, hand coloring, digital prints and digital multi-media. I have exhibited in national and international venues including Taipei, London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing and in the Hahnemuhle Gallery at Photokina 2010. I have been published several times in B&W Magazine and Color.


My enthusiasm for photography extends to the Hawaii photography workshops and tours my husband and I offer. We work with individual photographers in the field and with Lightroom and Photoshop, focusing on the areas of photography they want to learn about.

Ken Goodrich

My passion for photography was ignited in Mexico City, when I was attending Universidad de las Americas. After growing up in rural California, I found living in a city of 12 million people was tremendously stimulating, as was the change of culture. In the fall of 1968 Mexico City was exploding with student protest, the Olympics and a traditional culture challenged by a rapidly changing world. My camera became my passport into this exciting new environment, both warm and dangerous. Just before I graduated from the University, a doctor from a local medical group spoke at the student union, asking for volunteers. They were providing medical services to a very remote village of Otomi Indians. I got a grant from Rex Lindsay, VP of Memorex that covered living and photographic expenses for four months while I created a portfolio. The work was used to help fund the continuing efforts to bring health care to the village.


Shortly after returning to California, I saw my first multi-image installation at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Combining audio with a multi-screen slide show! I had never seen anything like it and I knew I had to try it. I bought some slide projectors, a primitive controller, and a reel-to-reel tape deck and I was in business. I started producing shows for museums, schools and rock bands. Big fun! As my skills developed as a multi-image programmer, I worked on 12 to 36 projector systems producing for the Grateful Dead, Boz Scaggs, Elvin Bishop, Jefferson Starship, Jackson Browne, Country Joe McDonald, San Francisco Dance Spectrum, Virgil Fox and various classical concerts.


I took a break from touring to work for an animation company that produced films for museums and corporate clients. This introduction to the corporate world stood me in good stead. When the animation company went bankrupt, owing me a bunch of money I had to do something fast. I approached the vice president of McCune AV, the largest corporate staging company in California, and asked for work as a freelance technical director.


That was the launch of a twenty-five year career that included design, and implementation of large scale scenic, projection, audio and lighting systems for live events and televised broadcast. I worked throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America.


In the year 2000 Mary and I were wed. In 2006 we moved to Hawaii and founded Hawaii Photo Retreat. My career has come full circle to embrace my early love of photography. My current focus is fine art multi-media installations integrating projected imagery and music.


I love sharing my knowledge and passion with our clients in one of the most beautiful islands on the planet! Come join us!

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